Self Esteem

Is self-loving a daily problem?

Perfectionism is one of the most thriving thing in our culture, and often times it is reinforced with the social media we daily experience. Frequently, we can think of many things that are wrong with ourselves, and generally disregard the hard things that we have overcome. When someone with self-esteem issues is in the deepest darkest place of their problem, they find very limited satisfaction in life, and will put the most difficult tasks on themselves that will lead to further failure. 

Self-Esteem is an issue that 85% of people in the US struggle ( In addition, these people have limited resources, and when they do reach out for help, they feel minimized, and full of shame. Therefore when they are asking for help, and they compound it with shame, there is further barriers to finding the light at the end of the tunnel. I love how Brene Brown puts it in her talk, that we need empathy. Check out the video, and if connection is what you need, Aesthetic Counseling is here to help!


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